Frequently Asked Questions

Can the bus be used for an inside event?

Yes! If Caroline can fit through the doors and you have permission from your venue, then we will roll her right on in. 

Does Caroline need power?

She sure does! We will need one regular 120V outlet to power the photo booth. We have plenty of extension cords, but like to stay within 100 feet of the outlet. 

How much space will you need?

We will need around 10'x20' of space once we are all set up. 

When will you arrive at my event?

We will arrive approximately one hour prior to your event start time.  If your event is a wedding, we will not arrive during the ceremony.

Why do you charge a travel fee?

Caroline may be cute, but she's got some age on her. We try to keep her in the best shape possible, so for events out of town we load her up and haul her on a trailer. We also have to factor in fuel costs and the time we spend traveling to events further away. 

Do you offer a guest book?

Yes and it's awesome! You can purchase our guest book for an additional $150.

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